Bratwurst Poppers Boats

Bratwurst Popper Boats with Matt Pittman

In the grand barbecue tradition, Matt Pittman of Meat Church BBQ steals a great idea in this video and tweaks it to make it his own. Matt's Bratwurst Popper Boats start with hearty bratwurst. Then they twist the beloved flavors of jalapeno poppers to create a far meatier and more filling snack that will stand out at any tailgate party. 

Don't let these sail by without giving giving them a try!

Find the written recipe and instructions in the video description.

Need supplies?

You can grab supplies for Matt Pittman's Bratwurst Popper Boats in our online store or at our barbecue supply store in New Holland, Pennsylvania (store hours and location at the bottom of this page).

Quick links to supplies and seasonings:

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