Product Highlight: Maverick PT-75 Instant-Read Thermometer

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​Today we're kicking off ​a ​weekly product highlight ​here on the blog. ​Th​ere are ​hundreds of​excellent barbecue products and acce​ssories​ on the market today, so we thought we'd use this space to ​talk about our favorite ​ones and explain why ​they are a worthwhile investment​.

​This week we​'re talking about the Maverick PT-75 Instant-Read Thermometer​, Maverick's newest instant-read probe thermometer released in 2017. ​

​One of the most important tools for a barbecue enthusiast to invest in is an instant-read probe thermometer. You can pick up some pretty decent ones for $30, but if you plan to do a lot of cooking, you really should think about a high quality folding thermometer such as the PT-75.

​The PT-75 is a solid investment in quality, which is important when you want a dependable thermometer​ that can ​hold up against an occasional drop ​when you're rushing around the pit. Once you​ make the investment, you'll never regret it.

What ​we like ​about this thermometer is it's size and sleek design and the fact that it only runs at $6​9.99 as opposed to ​​its ​competitor, the Thermapen Mk4 from ThermoWorks with a price tag of $99.99.

We could get ​technical about the accuracy and speed, but any thermometer in this price range will be sure to give you excellent readings. ​The PT-75 ​comes with a lighted display for cooking after the sun goes down, and a timer that starts automatically when you fold in the probe. gave the PT-75 a Gold Medal, and once you're holding the PT-75 in your hand, you'll understand why. ​Here is an excerpt from their review:

"The PT-75 is comfortable to use, especially for lefties. The accuracy is good and the response times are excellent. Readability is better than most. Overall, we give this unit a Gold Medal for design, execution and ease of use."

You can purchase the Maverick PT-75 in our online store ​and have it shipped to you or stop by our retail store during hours to avoid shipping cost and ​start using it immediately!

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