Oakridge BBQ Spice Rubs

Win the competitions - Win at the dinner table

Over 6,000 Top-ten Awards in Sanctioned BBQ Contests from all across the globe.

  • 200 Grand Championships
  • 175 Reserve Grand Championships
  • 140 First Place Brisket Awards
  • 165 First Place Pulled Pork Awards
  • 137 First Place Chicken Awards
  • 162 First Place Pork Rib Awards

Oakridge BBQ's spice rubs are hand-mixed in the heart of the USA using highest-potency spices available directly from the farmers who grow them all across the globe. Oakridge BBQ rubs are then hand-blended, batch-aged, and packaged by hand in their own production facility to ensure unsurpassed quality, flavor and freshness. All Oakridge rubs are made with all-natural, gluten free, allergen free, non-GMO, MSG-free ingredients with no added fillers. 

A few of the most noteworthy awards the Oakridge team has received.

  • 2013 American Royal Open - First Place Brisket
  • 2013 American Royal Open - Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2014 Memphis In May - Best Ribs in the World
  • 2014 Memphis In May - 3rd Place Overall
  • 2014 American Royal Invitational - First Place Brisket
  • 2014 Jim Beam BBQ Classic - 2nd Place Brisket
  • 2015 Memphis In May - 2nd Place Ribs
  • 2015 World Food Championship BBQ - 1st AND 2nd Place Pork
  • 2015 World Food Championship BBQ - Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2015 SCA Steak World Championship - 2nd Place
  • 2015 Dutch National Champion
  • 2016 Dutch National Champion
  • 2016 European Barbecue Champions Cup Team of The Year
  • 2016 KCBS International Team of the Year
  • 2016 Meatstock Sydney Australia - 2nd Place Ribs
  • 2016 Meatstock Sydney Australia - 3rd Place Overall
  • 2016 Australian Championship Series Team Of the Year
  • 2016 Georgia BBQ Association Team Of The Year
  • 2016 South Carolina Governor's Cup Champion
  • 2016 South Central BBQ Society Overall Team of the Year
  • 2016 Iowa BBQ Society Team Of The Year
  • 2016 World Food Championships Grand Champion (Steak)
  • 2016 World Food Championships Overall Grand Champion
  • 2016 Jack Daniels Invitational - 5th Place Overall
  • 2016 American Royal Open - 5th Place Overall
  • 2016 NEBS Brisket Team Of The Year
  • 2016 Jim Beam BBQ Classic - 2nd Place Pork
  • 2017 Dutch National Champion
  • 2017 European Barbecue Champions Cup Team of The Year
  • 2017 KCBS International Chicken Team of the Year
  • 2017 KCBS International Ribs Team of the Year
  • 2017 KCBS International Pork Team of the Year
  • 2017 Meatstock Sydney Australia - 1st AND 2nd Place Chicken
  • 2017 Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association - Brisket Team of The Year
  • 2017 World Food Championship BBQ - First Place Pork
  • 2017 World Food Championship BBQ - First Place Ribs (Perfect Score)
  • 2017 World Food Championship BBQ - Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2018 Houston Livestock & Rodeo - 2nd Place Brisket

What Makes Oakridge Barbecue Rubs Different?

Made with the highest quality spices available

Oakridge searches the world over for sources of pure, fresh-milled, ultra-high quality spices with the highest volatile oil concentrations available.

Blended with precise measurements

Every ingredient is hand measured with half-a-gram (0.5 g) precision. That’s over 28 times more precise than the level of precision used by many of their competitors. These super-precise measurements achieve excellent consistency from batch to batch. After measurement, every ingredient is sifted through specific-sized stainless steel mesh screens to ensure particle size consistency.

Small batch sizes for the freshest rub

Oakridge rubs are still only made in very small batches. This means there is never old rub setting around waiting to be sold. New batches are blended daily, so our customers always receive the freshest product possible. Put our ultra-fresh spice rubs together with our special high-barrier air and moisture proof packaging, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Batch-Aged for proper flavor profile development

Herbs and spices contain many different essential oils and volatile flavor compounds. When a rub is first blended, these flavors can be very sharp and seem unorganized on the palate. Through their proprietary aging process, Oakridge uses just the right combination of time, temperature, and humidity to batch age all their rub blends so they develop perfectly balanced flavor profiles. Once the rubs are properly aged, they are then ready to be packaged for sale and distribution.

Hand-applied labels

Every label is applied by hand. Our packaging is also very unique to the blended spice industry. Oakridge is the pioneer in using flexible, high-barrier, multi-laminate stand-up bags for their BBQ rubs. This means that their packaging doesn’t leak air, moisture or light through to the spices inside. This impenetrable barrier keeps our spices fresher up to 10 times longer than competitors using standard spice shaker bottles.

Hand-filled packages

Rub for every package is individually weighed and filled by hand. Since we don’t fill volumetrically, you can be assured every package contains exactly the amount (or a little more) of rub you’re paying for.

Heat-sealed for ultimate freshness

Oakridge uses a wide-band commercial heat seal to lock in freshness. Left in a factory sealed condition and stored in a cool dark place, their rubs will stay fresh for at least 5 years.

Filled to order

Every order is processed and filled as it’s received, so your rubs won't be filling up a factory warehouse going stale waiting to be used. 

Oakridge BBQ rubs are completely gluten free, NON GMO, and contain absolutely NO MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers or anti-caking agents. Their unique, quality-centered approach creates truly artisanal products with bold flavors and perfectly balanced sweet-hot, salty-savory profiles to compete with or surpass any other barbecue rubs or seasoning blends on the market.

Buy Oakridge Rubs in-store or online and experience some of the world's best flavor and quality.

Do you have any questions about Oakridge Rubs? Do you want to try a sample in person before purchasing? Call us at 717-355-0779 or visit our retail store at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA during business hours

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