AFCO 5316 Power Foam HD Alkaline/Caustic Foaming Cleaner


Alkaline pressure spray and foam cleaner that cleans heavy fatty soils found in poultry plant shackles, eviscerating areas, and smokehouses. Also removes burned-on soils.

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Power Foam HD (AFCO 5316) is a highly alkaline heavy-duty liquid cleaner designed for pressure spray and foam cleaning of food processing equipment. It is an excellent choice for cleaning the heavy fatty soils encountered in poultry plant shackle cleaning, eviscerating areas, or soil-encrusted smokehouses. It is also effective in removing greasy and burnt soils found in the Baking Industry.

A key component of AFCO’s Assure™ Sanitation Program includes a label color system that clearly denotes different product groups based on chemical differences to support and ensure proper and safe chemical handling.

  • Acidic – pH values 0 to 5
  • Alkaline – pH values 9 to 11
  • Contains Chlorine
  • Neutral – pH values 6 to 8
  • Alkaline (corrosive) – pH values 12 and greater

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Weight 8.34 lbs


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