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Learn how to be a master of your barbecue craft with this list of some of our favorite resources and equipment guides. We have created some of these resources and for others you will be taken to websites or YouTube channels of some of our suppliers. 

Recipes and How-to Posts From Our Blog

Are you interested in making sausage, bologna, ham, jerky, snack sticks, and bacon at home? There is a lot to learn, but a little guidance goes a long way in preparing these delicious meats and snacks with confidence. Here is a handy list of guidelines you will want to refer to often.

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Step-by-step instructions for cold smoking cheese with advanced tips for taking it to a new level.

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Want to take your holiday ham to another level? Try this simple technique for making a delicious double-smoked ham with a raspberry glaze.

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Are you ready for a juicy pork rib roast, complete with a pink smoke ring, crunchy fat cap, and an amazing flavor profile from a homemade rub? If so, you won’t be disappointed with this easy-to-follow video and set of instructions from the famous Pitmaster X.

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Discover how easy it is to cook an extraordinary pecan pie on the Big Green Egg in this recipe with step-by-step photos.

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Learn how to smoke a delicious and memorable prime rib for your family this Christmas! TIps, tricks, and lots of mouth-watering photos included.

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Learn how to bake a Christmas-themed party mix in your smoker or grill for a delicious holiday snack!

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In this post we’ll show you easy steps for curing and smoking your own delicious bacon at home.

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This smoked pumpkin cheesecake is less dense than a typical cheesecake, but rich enough to make an elegant dessert for your Thanksgiving holiday meal or any fall season meal.

The maple glaze perfectly complements the buttery crunch of the crust and the smooth pumpkin-flavored filling for a tantalizing combination that makes tastebuds sing!

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Product Highlights

​​As a barbecue enthusiast or caterer, you know how easy it is to burn your fingers when trying to​ move a hot pork butt or chicken or ​shred meat ​hot off the smoker. Bear Paws ​are ​the perfect solution for pulling pork and chicken and handling large pieces of meat such as a roast or whole turkey without bulky insulated gloves.

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A tasty, well-balanced barbecue rub is ​essential when you’re smoking or grilling​. Whether you are just getting started with outdoor cooking or have already figured out which flavors you like, Meat Church has a variety of interesting flavor​s ​that will bring new inspiration to your barbecue.

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A deep fryer adds many possibilities for backyard entertaining and catering events. Fries and wings are popular as well as seafood, hushpuppies, and chicken tenders. You can also have a lot of fun with blooming onions, alligator fritters, and pig wings with a fryer like this. Read this blog post to learn what sets the Bayou Classic Fryer apart.

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Do you cook on a Big Green Egg? The Kick Ash Basket makes separating the ashes from usable leftovers quick and easy and gives you better circulation for a hotter and more efficient fire in your Big Green Egg.

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Would you pay money to eliminate meal-destroying flare-ups on your grill? Would you like to make annoying hot spots on your gas grill a thing of the past? Are you frustrated that you can’t sear steaks like a boss?

If so, you’ll LOVE reading these five ways GrillGrates will transform your grilling.

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Direct heat grilling and low and slow barbecue are fine methods of cooking outdoors, but nothing can replace the magic of frying food in a pan or on a griddle. Watch the videos in this blog post to discover some of the fun ways to use a griddle on the grill.

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Videos, Recipes, and Guides From Our Suppliers

Big Green Egg Recipes

Big Green Egg fans will love this library full of scrumptious meals cooked on Big Green Eggs 

Meadow Creek Welding Blog

This blog is full of recipes, guides. and videos to help BBQ Pitmasters excel at their craft.

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Yoder Smokers Recipes

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Egghead Forum

A great place to visit that's packed with tips and EGGspert advice.

Big Green Egg: Getting Started

Tips and instructional videos for assembling, lighting, and temperature control

Green Mountain Grill Maintenance and Part Replacement Videos

Tips and instructional videos for maintenance and parts replacement on Green Mountain Grills

Check back soon for more resources.