The Frozen Steak Experiment by Pitmaster X

Room temp, fridge temp, frozen?

In the video above, the legendary Pitmaster X performs a fascinating frozen steak experiment to discover what temperature of raw steak produces the best results on the grill. Watch this video to see which steak wins (you might be surprised)!

In this experiment, Pitmaster X uses his ceramic grill and slices his steaks all from the same roast. He then takes careful weight measurements, lets the different steaks get to their pre-cook temp, and finally grills them on his kamado cooker equipped with cast iron grates.

After achieving a beautiful sear and consistent internal temperatures, Pitmaster X tries all the steaks to see which will be the ultimate winner of his frozen steak experiment.

While you may have only now heard of grilling frozen steak, it's a debate worth digging into. Your results could be improved by freezing, or your steak could be ruined from freezing. Watch this video to find out.

Bottom line: Just because Pitmaster X has a favorite doesn't mean that you should take his side. Conduct your own frozen steak experiment and see what you like best.

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