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You will love our specialty BBQ store, full of supplies and tools to make cooking outdoors fun and easy. And if you have any BBQ-related questions, we'd love to help you!


Shop here for gloves, stainless steel tables, warming boxes, seasonings in b​​​​ulk, charcoal by the skid, and smokers and grills that can handle hundreds of people at a time.


We stock award-winning sauces and rubs, cabinet smokers, Yoder pellet smokers, disposable pans, cutting boards, and other items to make cooking on-site easier.


Are you looking to raise money with chicken barbecue fundraisers? We have the equipment, tools and supplies you need to make it an enjoyable experience.

Smoker and Grill Brands We Carry


"Awesome store with a huge selection of smokers, grills, fire pits, outdoor cooking supplies, woods, rubs and lots more. My Favorite BBQ store."

–S. Magooch


"Great prices on all of your BBQ needs with guys that know their stuff."

–Jessica Troyano

Delicious Barbecue Recipes and More

Are you interested in processing more of your own meat and figuring out how to grind, cure, and stuff meats? Sausage is the best place to start, and in this article, you’ll discover the master ratio for making sausages from scratch, and the easy steps you can follow to make your first batch. Read more

Are you interested in making sausage, bologna, ham, jerky, snack sticks, and bacon at home? There is a lot to learn, but a little guidance goes a long way in preparing these delicious meats and snacks with confidence. Here is a handy list of guidelines you will want to refer to often. Read more

Watch this video to see how Malcolm Reed from How to BBQ Right uses the new Killer Hogs TX Rub to make juicy Texas style turkey breast. Read more

Are you interested in purchasing a Meadow Creek smoker or grill after someone else broke it in? We have a few models ​for sale ​from our rental line, ​which are still in great shape for ​as much as ​3​5% ​less than retail prices! Call us at (717) 355-0779 during business hours or come see us at 140 W Main St, New Holland, PA 17557. We’ll be glad to answer any questions and show you around. Read more

Learn how to bake a Christmas-themed party mix in your smoker or grill for a delicious holiday snack! Read more

Learn how to smoke a delicious and memorable prime rib for your family this Christmas! TIps, tricks, and lots of mouth-watering photos included. Read more

Upcoming Events and Classes

Do you wish you could hang out with a competition ribs champion, ask questions, and sample his ribs? Your dream is about to come true! On February 29, Jeff Jones—a World Championship Finalist—from Jonesy Q BBQ will be serving free St. Louis rib samples here at Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply. Read more

Would you like to know the secrets for smoking competition level ribs? Are you wanting to get into barbecue contests but need some pointers on what the judges expect? If so, this class will be an important step toward your success! Read more

Are you interested in smoking competition pork and briskets? Do you need some clear instructions on what’s expected in the nation’s leading barbecue competitions? Don’t miss this grand opportunity to learn what you need to know to excel in competitions and to make best-in-class barbecue for your family and friends. Read more

If you are a barbecue enthusiast or if you’re in the market for barbecue equipment, you will certainly enjoy the smoke, great food, and excitement at our open house. Come enjoy free BBQ samples and many other types of grilled food. Throughout the event we will also be serving free ice-cream, coffee, and donuts! Read more

Learn everything you need to know about using a Big Green Egg from start to finish in this four-hour class taught by Eric Mitchell, award-winning Big Green Egg pitmaster and author. Read more

Visit us at the Fire Expo and see some of our finest equipment for fundraisers. We’ll be here to help answer your questions and let you get your hands on some quality cookers. Read more

Everything You Need to Cook Outdoors

Whether you're just having fun in your backyard or cooking for hundreds, we're here to serve you.

We are a specialty barbecue store with everything you need to cook outdoors, including FREE advice from our knowledgeable staff. Some of the products we carry are listed in our online catalog.

Come see us at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA to discover everything we carry. If you have any questions, call us at 717-355-0779. We're always happy to help!

Are you interested in smoking cheese? Eliminating flare-ups on your grill? Cooking your food with confidence? We stock dozens of tools and supplies to make your "job" fun and easy!

Hundreds of barbecue enthusiasts love to hang out during our events for delicious food and interaction with people who love to cook outdoors.

Browse our upcoming events.

Are you in the market for a new smoker or grill? We carry Meadow Creek, Yoder Smokers, Big Green Egg, Green Mountain Pellet Grills, and Breeo fire pits.

Visit ou​r showroom at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA to see these fine cookers in person.

“Their pig cookers and chicken cookers are excellent!”

 Dennis Heisey

“Best BBQ store around, everything you may need for a weekend BBQ or for a large catered event.” 

Dwayne Zimmerman

The go to spot for all barbecue and smoking supplies.

Brendon Martin

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