Meadow Creek SQ36 Barbeque Smoker

$1,645.00 (add-ons in photos not included)

This entry level BBQ smoker is an outstanding choice for backyard enthusiasts who want an offset smoker with quality that the box stores can’t get close to. If you need more space, add a second tier grate to almost double your cooking area.


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      This entry-level BBQ smoker is an outstanding choice for backyard enthusiasts who want an offset smoker with quality that the box stores can’t get close to. If you need more space, add a second-tier grate to almost double your cooking area.

      Similar to the PR36 BBQ Smoker, this backyard cooker adds a firebox on the side, for cooking offset smoker style. Indirect heat comes from slowly burning wood or charcoal in the firebox. The removable ash pan and easy access to the firebox makes stoking the coals hassle-free.

      Stainless Steel: Meadow Creek Welding uses only food-grade T-304 stainless steel in the fabrication of parts identified as “stainless steel” that will contact food under normal use. This includes but is not limited to grates, racks, shelving, work surfaces, and complete units constructed primarily of stainless steel and sold using that description.

      Features of the SQ36 Offset Smoker

      • Cooking grates are made of rust-free food-grade T304 stainless steel rod and easy to clean.
      • Heat enters the bottom of the cooking chamber through the smoke distributor, which helps to keep the temperature consistent throughout the cooker.
      • Top and bottom vents maintain control of the internal temperature.
      • Sliding ash pan collects all the ashes for easy disposal even while you’re cooking.
      • Charcoal grate in the firebox lets the ashes fall below the firebox, so the fire can burn more efficiently.
      • Ball valve drain conveniently drains grease and water out of the bottom when it’s time to clean up and wash it out.
      • Stay cool handles on the smoker and firebox doors
      • Stainless steel calibratable thermometer on the smoker door to keep a tab on the temperature.
      • Grill body is made of 13-gauge welded steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.

      Additional information

      Weight 310 lbs
      Overall Dimensions

      56.5”h x 61.5”l x 29”w

      Grate Dimensions

      14.5” x 35”

      2nd Tier Grate Dimensions

      13” x 34”

      Cooking Area

      3.52 sq. ft. (507.5 sq. in.)

      Cooking Area 2nd Tier Grate

      6.59 sq. ft. (949.5 sq. in.)

      Grate Style

      Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing

      Metal Thickness

      13 Gauge

      Metal Thickness on Fire Box

      1/4” Plate

      Shipping Weight

      350 lbs.

      Capacity Pork Butts

      2nd Tier Grate: 10, Single Grate: 5-6

      Capacity Baby Back Ribs

      2nd Tier Grate: 10-12, Single Grate: 5-6

      Capacity Spare Ribs

      2nd Tier Grate: 4-5, Single Grate: 2-3

      Capacity St Louis Ribs

      2nd Tier Grate: 8-10, Single Grate: 4-5

      Capacity Whole Briskets

      2nd Tier Grate: 4, Single Grate: 2

      Capacity Brisket Flats

      2nd Tier Grate: 5-7, Single Grate: 3-4

      Capacity Chicken Halves

      2nd Tier Grate: 15-20, Single Grate: 10-12

      Capacity Whole Pigs

      Single Grate: 30-40 lbs.


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