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Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply is more than just a favorite one-stop source for a large selection of barbecue equipment, seasonings, and supplies; We are a team of people passionate about barbecue and we want to help you cook amazing barbecue too—even if you never buy anything from us.

We believe our customers say it best.

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Ann Alves

"Despite being able to purchase Egg items closer to home and without sales tax, Meadow Creek is worth the 1.5 hour drive and PA sales tax because I truly believe in supporting an honest and helpful small business owner. Jesse’s honesty and recommendations that suit the customer’s needs vs. the most expensive alternative is one of the reasons I feel so compelled to support Meadow Creek.

It is rare these days to find such a sincere businessman who puts the needs, success, and enjoyment of the customer before his own pocket. How rare for a businessman to spend over 1.5 hours with a customer knowing she already owns an Egg and all he can hope to sell is accessories."

Dave Nye

Great place to get your BBQ supplies! I travel one hour because they are the best in products and knowledge. Just glad I found them.

Steve G.

Meadow Creek BBQ Supply is one of the best places in the world for all of your BBQ needs. Their selection of grills, rubs and accessories is incredible! The staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable as well... can't think of a finer group of people. Frequent customer appreciation events are icing on the cake. If you've never been here, you definitely need to check them out. And for all of my fellow eggheads out there, a HUGE selection of Big Green Eggs and accessories can be found here... and definitely check out their egg fest! One of the best kept secrets right here in south central PA. Even though it's a little hike for me to get there, it's well worth the trip!

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Martin Capasse
Martin Capasse
16:46 18 Sep 21
This place is a grilles paradise! Tons of rubs and spices for your meats, meat for sale, grills for sale.. everytike I go in there I feel like a kid in a candystore. Definitely a place to visit if you like cooking meat on open flames.
Anthony Dibartolomeo
Anthony Dibartolomeo
13:51 17 Aug 21
I'd like to thank this business and all of the members I encountered when I purchased my Yoder smoker there. Product expertise, outstanding service, and genuinely concern for the customer. Thanks, a customer for life.
Karen Lyons
Karen Lyons
18:07 23 Jul 21
So very helpful with all our questions!! Great merchandise for camping/ grilling
Doug Tanner
Doug Tanner
20:40 16 Jun 21
In my opinion, their cheese pizza is amazing. The brick oven and the quality of the mozzarella cheese is 2cd to no one.
Charles Heintzeman
Charles Heintzeman
21:29 02 May 21
Great selection of grills and smokers. Great staff. Thank you so much for all the great samples you gave us for open house. Loved it so much. It was a great experience.
James Heagy
James Heagy
18:19 01 May 21
Today was open house. Got to see different rubs and sauce being used and also got to taste. They have everything you could possibly want for bbq and smoking
bob hedrick
bob hedrick
20:45 23 Apr 21
I love this place! They are always very pleasant and helpful. You can get anything BBQ here
David O
David O
04:15 08 Mar 21
I've made multiple purchases at the store in New Holland. First, I bought a BX-50 box smoker when I was getting into competition cooking. All questions were answered to my satisfaction and I felt ready to use it when I drove away. Recently, I had... the opportunity to visit in the dead of night during their Black Friday sale. This time I left with a BBQ26S chicken flipper/grill and a couple of bags of lump charcoal. From the time I walked into the store to the time the box was loaded into my truck was literally only 15 minutes. Spectacular service and efficiency for sure.In my experience, the store always has their equipment lineup on display, as well as additional available stock in a spacious warehousing area. Numerous brands are represented.There is also a good selection of BBQ spices and supplies, including a refrigerated section.Its about a 60 minute drive for me to get there, totally worth more
Richard Sabbara
Richard Sabbara
20:54 20 Mar 20
I love this place, it's like a toy store for adults.I purchased my Big Green Egg there a few years ago along with the table and I go back for supplies. The key difference between this place and the big box stores is that the team here actually... works with the products prior to selling them. When they give you advice, it's from first hand knowledge of the more
John Martin
John Martin
19:50 13 Mar 20
Great place. Always polite and helpful and they carry a very nice variety of seasonings. I highly recommend them. They are always willing to answer questions and if you stop in at the right time you may even get to sample a cook that they have going... more
John Russell
John Russell
18:18 12 Mar 20
I have purchased a Meadow Creek SQ36 offset, as well as a PR42 pig roaster, & I couldn't be happier with both. The SQ36 is, I believe, the best priced stick burner on the market. I only use wood splits when cooking on it, & nothing beats the "Q" it... produces. The PR42 makes you look like a whole hog pro, from your 1st try. I got incredible support & detailed advice on cooking a whole hog on the PR from Matt, & my 1st pig (75 lbs.) came out perfect! You cant go wrong by joining the Meadow Creek family. I'm glad I did!read more
John Ross
John Ross
16:58 12 Mar 20
Love this store, and all the products they sell!Meadoiw Creek Barbecue equipment is the best in the industry. Made with care and attention to detail by a dedicated Amish crew. With a little care, your great grand children will enjoy using this... equipment as much as you do.The store also sells smokers and grilling equipment made by other industry leaders. And, their customer support can't be beat. Nothing but the best in this store!read more
Steve Fetrow
Steve Fetrow
15:24 12 Mar 20
Bought my Big Green Egg XL from Meadow Creek and we love it. Jesse and the folks at Meadow Creek do a great job of supporting their customers and have a wide variety of BBQ accessories on hand.Years ago, we rented a 60" Meadow Creek Pig roaster... for a Leola UM Church picnic. What a great experience. Ivan told us "load it up at night and it'll be done in the morning." We were skeptical and watched it all night, but he was right. We didn't even have to add charcoal. The pork was perfect. While we pulled the pork, I added more charcoal and covered the whole grate with chicken halves. The chicken cooked with indirect heat to a golden brown. The picnic was a great success and the food was fantastic. Thanks Meadow more
Ryan Aulenbach
Ryan Aulenbach
13:08 11 Mar 20
Great selection of BBQ supplies! I also purchased my Big Green Egg from them after their Eggfest in 2019 and couldn't be happier.
00:55 11 Mar 20
In the fall of 2018, we were looking for a new grill, smoker or a combination thereof. Jesse, the owner, along with his employees always took a generous amount of time with us explaining the different options. With our indecision of two different... models, Jesse spent a Saturday morning with us, firing up the two different models so we could assess the taste difference, grilling methods, etc. We soon purchased the Big Green Egg and have never regretted it. The customer service is exemplary, grill accessories quite adequate and reasonable in price. Meat, seasonings and cookbooks are also available. This is our “go to store” for grilling needs!!read more
Mark Dilts
Mark Dilts
23:42 03 Oct 19
I cannot recommend this place enough. If you haven't been here before, it is a BBQ supply store which occasionally has demos or offers to-go meals on special occasions(like town events). Very polite family/employees and very knowledgeable as well.... BBQ supplies are very reasonably priced, sometimes better than online prices. They are my go-to place for charcoal. Though i have not bought one, I am told they are the cheapest around for the Big Green Egg. They also have a cooler with a selection of meats available.The food they offer on days like the New Holland fair is good and better priced than a food truck. (2019 prices are $7 for a pulled pork sandwich with chips and $8 for a brisket sandwich with chips) I prefer their pulled pork over the Brisket as the brisket runs a little fatty for my tastes. Baked beans($2.50 as of 2019) are excellent as more
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John Martin

Great place. Always polite and helpful and they carry a very nice variety of seasonings. I highly recommend them. They are always willing to answer questions and if you stop in at the right time you may even get to sample a cook that they have going on.

Nate Weida

I am the executive chef at Spinnerstown hotel near Quakertown, PA. A few months ago the owner of the restaurant purchased a used Meadow Creek smoker to accommodate the volume of smoked pork shoulder we sell along with other smoked items. The current pandemic has forced my hand to run that smoker 6 days a week. The smoker is consistent, retains even heat, and is easy to clean.

I absolutely love it.

Since our shutdown the restaurant has been doing a roadside BBQ drive up Thursday-Saturday, 4-7pm. We sell out almost everyday. So a very big thank you from me and everyone at Spinnerstown Hotel. Thank you for making a quality product. Stay safe and healthy!

Nate Weida – Executive Chef at Spinnerstown Hotel

Ron Yockey

I have Meadow Creek PR42, PR60GT, PR72GT, and PR72 Pig Roasters. I also have a BBQ144 Chicken Cooker and two 7-pit Chicken Cooker Trailers. I got them over 20 years ago when Melvin first started. The first winter I did demos all over the eastern part of Pa….then I got into BBQ competition on the larger scale and went to the world cook off sponsored by National Pork Producers in Iowa.

I kept winning competitions and going to state rib fests from Iowa to Datona cooking against the Damons and the big teams from the cooking channel. I got into catering in the late 80's doing chicken BBQ for a local grocery chain and our BBQ trailers grew from 1 to 4 trailers, all made by Meadow Creek. With the 4 cooking at the same time we can put out about 900 half chickens an hour.

MR. Yock's B-B-Q, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania


I was attracted to Meadow Creek some 10 years ago. My Deputy Fire Chief and I chaired a Chicken Barbecue to raise funds for our Fire Department...

We had to find something fast to cook 1,000 half chickens on...

So we called Meadow Creek, and you were more then willing to accommodate us. We were more than satisfied with the pit, the knowledge of your staff as to which unit would suit our needs the best, their over all professionalism, and their willingness to help our Fire Department.

I was convinced that my next grill purchase will be from your company, but since then my Department has fallen victim to the consolidation and merger of many local volunteer fire companies, and was phased out of existence.

May I extend another hearty thank-you on behalf of myself, and the former Columbia Consolidated Fire Department.


Former president of the Columbia Consolidated Fire Department

William Heagy Sr.

Meadow Creek is a staple in New Holland Pennsylvania and have the best family operated atmosphere you could ask for. Great products, knowledgeable staff, community leaders and when they make food you better get there fast because it is incredible! New Holland is very blessed to have their business here in town. Thank you for all you do.

Rick Harkins

Excellent customer service by a caring staff! Jesse will help you with all your questions and needs! Thanks Jesse and crew for doing a great job!! Highly recommend them for all your BBQ needs!

Tim Wolfe

What a great place, I buy all my rubs here. Jesse knows a lot about barbecue and if you're not sure what you need just ask him. They also have a great selection of supplies with good prices.

Mark Dietrich

Excellent products, I have a few of them. Even more important is their excellent customer service!

R. Moder

While RVING in Lancaster area. my wife and I visited Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply. WOW! This place has everything to satisfy the home cooking enthusiast to the professional caterer. In addition, the staff is both knowledgeable and friendly. Visit the store and signup for followup emails; you will not be disappointed.


Excellent selection of anything you need for a delicious grill or bbq event! Friendly and professional service.... it's like a candy store for grill masters!

Robert G.

Absolutely love this grill and all the accessories, also I enjoy trying new spices and sauces. Excellent customer service and friendly staff.

Mike Mike

I travel from the New Jersey shore, almost 3 hours to Meadow Creek BBQ, why because the people there are absolutely the best. I first attended a BGE fest in 2017 when I purchased my egg, been going there ever since!

Todd Hanney

Great place to go and get BBQ supplies and equipment. The staff is great, they will share their knowledge to help you with make your BBQ better.

Bobby Hitt

Real friendly staff, awesome chicken cookers, and great tasting BBQ sauce!!

Christine Fox

YES! Great employees, helpful and knowledge about grillin' with so many different options available for BBQ etc. ??

Cp Weaver

Very helpful and informative. I definitely recommend stopping in for any of your smoking needs!

Kristen Hottenstein

Great people! Great service! Best place to buy your Big Green Egg!!

Dennis Heisey

Their pig cookers and chicken cookers are excellent! Melvin is great to deal with also!

Tom Burns

Good people making GREAT equipment! I have cooked on Meadow Creek pits many times; They’re well made and get the job done!

Rick Harkins

Excellent customer service by a caring staff! Jesse will help you with all your questions and needs! Love my custom Yoder YS640 I ordered from you!! Thanks Jesse and crew for doing a great job!! Highly recommend them for all your BBQ needs!!

Shannon Gladfelter

This is one of the most amazing places I have ever purchased anything. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I will make the hour and 20 minute drive anytime I need anything!!!!!

Craig Augustine

This is my go to place. Awesome customer service and knowledgeable staff. Everything you need is here.

Ed Woytowicz

 I bought this smoker last April and have been having fun with it ever since. I did a fundraiser for my church on Super Bowl Sunday. We made pulled pork BBQ chicken and 2 sides. Due to the timing of the event, I had to smoke the pork butts ahead of time. It just so happened that on the scheduled day not only was it below freezing, but we got a snow squall that lasted over an hour and at times was almost a white out. The smoker kept on going, was able to hold the temperature through the whole storm. Fortunately the day of the event was warmer, all the way up to the 40’s, and the chicken cooker worked just as well. Every time I’ve cooked chicken, people say it is the juiciest bbq chicken they’ve ever had. I look for reasons to cook for a crowd.


Do you have any questions about Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply? Do you want to see for yourself what makes our store a customer favorite? Contact us using the contact form or visit our retail store at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA during business hours.

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