Meat Processing Equipment

Meat Processing Equipment

Our equipment recommendations are based on a long-standing family tradition of meat processing as well as many years of experience in helping others through our retail store. If you’re looking for something we don’t have on hand at the moment or if you need a size that we don’t stock, we’d be glad to special order something for you.

Choose the equipment you need from the 6 essential categories below.

1 – Handsaw

After you’ve killed the animal, you’ll need a saw to cut up the carcass. We recommend a hand meat saw with a tightening cam.

Handsaws are available in-store only.

2 – Grinders

Every butcher needs a grinder. We recommend LEM’s Big Bite Grinders with a revolutionary auger design which grinds larger cuts of meat faster that others on the market without clogging up the machine—and virtually no stomping. They come with a 5 year warranty and free phone support.

  • LEM – #32 Big Bite Grinder – 1.5 HP

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  • LEM – #22 Big Bite Grinder – 1 HP

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  • LEM – #12 Big Bite Grinder-0.75 HP

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3 – Mixers

A mixer gets your meat mixed thoroughly without damaging its texture. LEM’s Big Bite Tilt Meat Mixers have a fully removable tub for easy clean-up and can also be attached to the grinders listed above.

4 – Stuffers

Kielbasa, ring bologna, snack sticks, summer sausage... sounds amazing, doesn’t it? A stuffer takes meat processing to an exciting new level because there are just so many tasty things to stuff! Our stainless steel LEM stuffers with stainless steel tubes will last a very long time and make stuffing fun and easy.

  • LEM – Big Bite Dual Gear Stuffer – 25 lbs. Stainless Steel Vertical with 2 Speeds

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  • LEM – Big Bite Motorized Sausage Stuffer – 20 lbs.

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  • LEM – Big Bite Dual Gear Stuffer – 10 lbs. Stainless Steel Vertical with 2 Speeds

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5 – Slicers

A table-top slicer makes it easy to prepare jerky and serve all kinds of bologna, summer sausage, and even cheese—with consistent slices.

  • LEM – Meat Slicer 10″ Big Bite Heavy Duty

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  • LEM – Meat Slicer 8.5″ Big Bite Commercial Grade

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“I highly recommend LEM products to anyone that enjoys processing their own game at home. Make the initial investment in good tools and equipment from LEM and know exactly what is going into your product. Skip the high prices of the butcher shop and have fun at home.”

—Michelle, owner of LEM stainless steel 15 pound stuffer

6 – Smokers

Use an outdoor smoker to give your meats that authentic smokehouse flavor. We keep a variety of backyard smokers in our showroom and offer free private Meadow Creek demos. Select a smoker below to schedule your free demo.

  • Best Seller

    Meadow Creek BX25 Cabinet (Box) Smoker

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  • Meadow Creek BX50 Cabinet Smoker

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  • Best Seller

    Meadow Creek BX100 Cabinet (Box) Smoker

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3 Smart Reasons to Process Your Own Meat


Many hunters are processing their own game simply because they are tired of having their venison thrown into a big batch at the butcher shop and not knowing what’s in their meat. It’s hard for a commercial butcher to keep every hunter’s deer separate, so most of them will combine the deer from multiple clients and then divide them by weight. When one hunter doesn’t care for their kill like they should, it affects the quality of everyone’s meat.


Once the equipment is paid for, your out-of-pocket cost to butcher and process a deer will be much less if you do it yourself. Would you think of renting a rifle or bow every time you go hunting? If you plan to process meat every year, we think it makes sense to buy your own processing equipment instead of “renting” your butcher’s equipment.


Every hunter dreams of taking down that big buck, but we believe hunting stories don’t end with the kill. There is great satisfaction in eating steaks and bologna which you’ve prepared with your own hands.

Why you have no reason not to process your own meat.

No More Excuses

Cost to Get Started

What Makes the LEM Big Bite Grinder Unique

Elk N' Boar, Nothin' More

Processing your own meat is really not that hard to do with the right equipment and a tried and true recipe. In our retail store, we stock the whole works, including knives, grinder plates, stuffing tubes, seasoning and cures, meat lugs, burger presses, stainless steel tables, and more.

Visit our retail store for a full line of meat processing equipment and supplies.