Chicken Barbecue Fundraisers

Are you looking to raise money with chicken barbecue fundraisers? We have the tools and supplies you need to make it an enjoyable experience, including grills, seasonings in bulk, 100% hardwood charcoal, and FREE advice to help you plan and cook a fundraiser with confidence.

Chicken Barbecue Fundraisers
Chicken Barbecue Fundraisers

“I started cooking barbecue chicken with my dad in the late 40’s and 50’s... I purchased my Meadow Creek chicken cooker in 2005. This is one of the best investments I have ever made... The best reward is when someone comes up and tells me, ‘That is the best chicken I ever had; how do you keep it so good and moist?’”

—Stewart Ellis, Clear Brook, VA

The "Chicken BBQ Fundraising Machine"

The Fun and Easy Way to Grill Tender, Juicy Chicken for Crowds

Meadow Creek’s charcoal grills with rotating “sandwich” grates have revolutionized chicken barbecue fundraisers. Double-sided grates make it easy to turn the entire rack of meat with one hand. The stainless steel grates never rust and are easy to maintain. 

Customize one of our standard chicken cooker trailers, or order your own custom trailer with as many pits as you like. 

If you aren't sure this is the best option for your chicken barbecue fundraisers, you can try one out before purchasing by renting it by the day.

Select a chicken cooker trailer below to customize, request a quote, or request a rental.

  • Meadow Creek BBQ96 Chicken Cooker
    Chicken Cookers

    Meadow Creek BBQ96 Chicken Cooker Trailer (3 pit)

    $115.00$172.50 $4,720.00 Add to cart
  • Meadow Creek BBQ144 Chicken Cooker Trailer

Bulk Seasonings for Fundraisers

Give your chicken BBQ a flavor boost with Meadow Creek Seasonings

Our popular Meadow Creek Seasonings are available in bulk 5-pound bags to help you save money at your fundraisers without compromising quality.

Order seasoning below or visit our store to sample seasoning and choose the flavor you prefer.

100% Hardwood Charcoal

Fuel your cooker with briquettes that are free from harmful chemicals

These 100% hardwood charcoal briquettes are made from nothing but hardwood and a cornstarch binder. Grill your chicken on a fire that you can feel good about. These premium quality briquettes are available in 40 pound bags or by the skid.

Order charcoal below or visit our store and pick up the quantity you need.


Keep your hands free from mess and burns

Protect your hands with our selection of disposable and knitted gloves. 

Order gloves below or purchase gloves in our store.

  • Accessories

    Cotton Knit Gloves

    $1.95 Add to cart

Instant-read Thermometers

Take the guesswork out of checking for doneness

The first tool you need for fundraisers after a cooker is a good instant-read thermometer. ThermoWorks is a leading brand of thermometers known for their quality and almost instant readings. With a ThermoWorks instant-read thermometer you can cook chicken and your fundraisers with confidence knowing that you aren't drying it out or taking it off the grill too soon.

ThermoWorks thermometers are available in-store only. Learn more about the different options below.

  • Accessories

    Thermoworks Thermapen ONE

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  • ThermoWorks ThermoPop® 2 Yellow

    ThermoWorks ThermoPop® 2

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Ready to Prepare for Your First Fundraiser?

Visit us for tools and advice to help make your chicken BBQ fundraiser a success. At our store, as experts in BBQ, we can give you free advice and help you plan your chicken barbecue fundraiser, including figuring out how much charcoal and seasoning it takes and establishing a timeline.

Visit us at 140 W. Main St., New Holland PA 17557

Call us at (717) 355-0779

Interested in fundraising with a whole pig roast or using an offset smoker?

We carry a full line of Pig Roasters, Reverse-flow Tank Smokers, and lower capacity Chicken Cookers.

Meadow Creek Smokers are hand-made in the USA by Meadow Creek Welding.

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