Premium Meats

Our team of meat experts have carefully sourced high-quality meats from top producers locally and nationally. The resulting meat-shopping experience truly makes our store a premier one-stop shop, whether you’re planning a summer weekend party or pulling off a holiday meal masterpiece.

Our staff are happy to help you choose the perfect brisket or rack of ribs for your meal, assist you with recommendations and free tastings of our favorite rubs and sauces, and even share free recipe printouts with our favorite tips and techniques to elevate your smoking game!

Snake River Farms

GOLD Packer Briskets, Burger Patties, Frankfurters

Snake River Farms American Wagyu is the result of crossing the exceptional marbling of the full blood Japanese Wagyu cattle with the hearty and robust beefy flavor of the American Midwest strain of Angus beef cattle. This Wagyu beef is world-renowned for its incredible tenderness and its unforgettable buttery flavor, embodying the best of "East meets West." Gold, their highest grade, will rewrite everything you thought you knew about quality beef!

Double R Ranch

Prime Tri-Tip, Beef Short Ribs

Located in the pristine Okanogan region of Washington State, the Double R Ranch is recognized for its high-quality cattle genetics and for active preservation of picturesque grazing land and the native wildlife roaming it. Double R and its partner ranches have some of the best herds and grazing lands in the Pacific Northwest, and the superb beef quality shines through in every bite.

Stone Ridge Beef

Stone Ridge Boneless Ribeye Steak

Stone Ridge is local, all-natural, grass-fed, grain-finished beef grown on Pennsylvania farms. Their superb quality beef is a result of decades of family farming and Angus genetics. Try this steak the next time you fire up your grill.

Prairie Fresh

Pork Butts, St. Louis Ribs, Baby Back Ribs

Prairie Fresh meticulously controls the entire production process for their meat, down to owning their own farms. From our first test cooks, the consistent weight and size of Prairie Fresh pork butts, the superb marbling and the meatiness of their baby back ribs, and the pure lusciousness of their St. Louis ribs had us hooked, and we’ve never looked back.

Comfrey Farms

Duroc Pork Butts

Comfrey Farms is one of only a handful of producers in the world able to offer a USDA-certified all-natural Duroc heritage pork program. These pork butts are processed in small batches for ultimate quality control, and their farming practices combine with their heritage pork genetics to deliver unrivaled flavor and succulence.


Choice Brisket

These choice grade briskets offer exceptional value for those brisket cooks when you don’t want to break the bank with Prime or Wagyu. IBP briskets are extremely high quality; their grading tends to run high in the Choice spectrum. Consistently sized and trimmed, these are a slam-dunk for an everyday brisket smoke.

Galvinell Meat Co

Bacon Cheddar Burger Patties, Bratwurst, Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst, Old Bay and Beer Bratwurst, Sweet Italian Sausage Links, Texas Sausage Links

This family-owned custom butcher shop from Northeastern Maryland has been perfecting their craft for more than forty years. One bite of their house-made specialty sausages, and you’ll agree they deserve the countless awards and accolades they’ve received.

Seasonal Meats

Fossil Farms

Heritage Breed Turkeys

These 100% natural, locally raised, pasture-roaming heritage turkeys are exceptionally juicy and tender, a delicious alternative to conventional turkeys from factory farms. Treat your family and loved ones to a better turkey experience this Thanksgiving!


Heritage-Breed Spiral-Cut Hams, Pork Belly

We are delighted to offer these super-premium specialty products from Leidys. These hogs are raised on local family-owned farms from small-town Eastern Pennsylvania, by farmers who take pride in their pursuit of responsible animal husbandry, premium genetics, and low-stress growing conditions. We are especially pleased to offer their spiral-cut hams, some of the the finest we’ve ever sampled!

Let's Talk Barbecue!

Let's Talk Barbecue!

Need answers to a burning barbecue question? Ready for an upgrade that old grill? Running low on your favorite rub? To solve those problems and many more, the next step is to call or email us using the information below. Better yet, stop in at the store to browse our huge line of barbecue products and talk to our experts in person.

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