Premium Meats

Your favorite cuts of top-quality meats such as beef, pork, and processed meats like bratwurst, sausage, and burgers can all be found here at Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply in New Holland PA. We stock a wide variety year-round along with a few seasonal offerings. Our team of meat experts are available to guide you through the process of picking out the best possible cut for your occasion. 

Westholm Japanese Wagyu 

Packer Briskets

Bred from top lines of Japanese Wagyu, the Westholm herd in Australia produces some of the finest beef available. These cows are raised on expansive fields of Australian grasses and meticulously cared for by passionate farmers for an extremely high grade brisket. Rigorous food safety practices and Australia's pristine conditions gives this meat a longer shelf life.

Prairie Fresh

Pork Butts, St. Louis Ribs, Baby Back Ribs

Prairie Fresh meticulously controls the entire process of their meat, even down to owning their own farms. Committed to sustainable practices on their farms and in their plants, Prairie Fresh believes it's their moral obligation to create a healthy, comfortable environment for each and every one of their pigs.

Comfrey Farms

Duroc Pork Butts

Comfrey Farms certified DUROC heritage pork is crafted in small batches to be nutrient-rich, sustainable, and the most succulent you’ve ever tasted. Comfrey Farm is one of only a few pork producers able to offer a USDA, all-natural, Certified DUROC program.


Choice Brisket

Excellent quality beef that you can rely on to be consistent and well packed every time.

Galvinell Meat Co

Bacon Cheddar Burger Patties, Bratwurst, Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst, Old Bay and Beer Bratwurst, Sweet Italian Sausage Links, Texas Sausage Links

Custom butcher and meat packer providing the region with top quality meats for 40 years.

Misc. Packers

Beef Plate Ribs, Wagyu Burger Patties

Seasonal Meats

Fossil Farms

Heritage Breed Turkeys



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Do you have any questions about choosing the best cuts? Contact us using the contact form or visit our retail store at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA during business hours.

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