Meadow Creek Smokers, Grills, and Mobile Sinks

Do you have any questions about Meadow Creek equipment? Do you want to see them in person before purchasing? Call us at 717-355-0779 or visit our retail store at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA during business hours.

New Standard Feature: Upgraded Spin Vent Design!

Firebox Vent Backed With Expanded Steel on Meadow Creek TS70P Tank Smoker

Firebox Vent Backed With Expanded Steel

New Style Firebox Vent on Meadow Creek COMBI42 Smoker

New Style Vent

Invest in Legacy

Meadow Creek specializes in serious outdoor cooking equipment for the serious cook. Since 1980, they've provided a growing line of handmade smokers, pig roasters, grills, and sinks to award-winning chefs, backyard enthusiasts, and food service professionals. Years of innovation and research, combined with feedback from customers, has produced a distinct line of outdoor cooking equipment that is easy to use, offers versatile features, produces consistent cooking results and provides long-lasting value. If you're serious about cooking and want to achieve the amazing flavor and consistency you've only dreamed about, take a look at Meadow Creek's line of outdoor cookers and compare for yourself!

About Our Dealership

Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply is an authorized dealer of Meadow Creek Equipment. We keep Pig Roasters, Chicken Cookers, Tank Smokers, Patio Grills, and Flat Top Grills in stock on our showroom floor in New Holland PA. If you aren't confident of which smoker and options are best for you, give us a call or visit our store where you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of barbecue and the Meadow Creek brand. If you are traveling to our store from a distance call us first at 717-355-0779 to see which models we currently have in stock.

Meadow Creek Equipment
Meadow Creek Equipment
Meadow Creek Equipment

"Good people making GREAT equipment! I have cooked on Meadow Creek pits many times; They’re well made and get the job done!"

Tom Burns

"Their pig cookers and chicken cookers are excellent!"

Dennis Heisey

Why Meadow Creek Equipment Is Worth Your Money

Meadow Creek Shop Tour

Made With Integrity 

Meadow Creek BBQ Smokers Put the "Style" Into Good ole' Southern Style Barbecue

Equipped With Rust-Free Stainless Steel Grates and Details That Make You Look Amazing

Ribs, Sausage, and Chicken on a Meadow Creek TS250 Smoker Trailer

Ribs, Sausage, and Beans on the Meadow Creek BX25 Box Smoker

We offer several types of smokers, including a line of classy reverse flow tank smokers. If you're sick of cheap imports and are looking for slick welds, handsome designs, rock-solid construction, and most of all—a fun and easy cooking experience—you're at the right place!

Meadow Creek Grills With Rotating Grates Make it Fun and Easy to Grill Tender, Juicy Chicken With Perfect Skin Every Time!

Meadow Creek BBQ42 Insulated BBQ Pit

Known as the "chicken flippers," these Meadow Creek grills with rotating sandwich grates have revolutionized chicken barbecues. Double-sided grates make it easy to turn the entire rack of meat with one hand. The stainless steel grates never rust and are easy to maintain, for many years of use.

Meadow Creek Pig Roasters Make it a Breeze to Cook About Anything

Whole Pig on Meadow Creek PR60 Pig Roaster
Meadow Creek Pig Roaster Rib Rack With Ribs
Easily barbeque whole hogs without turning the meat, fighting grease fires, or getting up at night to add charcoal! Besides whole pigs, you can cook a huge variety of foods on a Meadow Creek pig roaster—easily and efficiently. The drip pan creates indirect heat, and this roaster's design makes it easy to hold a consistent temperature for as long as you need it. On the charcoal units, you can add enough charcoal to last for 12 hours or longer, and with the added help of an electronic temperature controller, you can safely leave it unattended while you catch a night's sleep.

Let's Talk Barbecue!

Let's Talk Barbecue!

Need answers to a burning barbecue question? Ready for an upgrade that old grill? Running low on your favorite rub? To solve those problems and many more, the next step is to call or email us using the information below. Better yet, stop in at the store to browse our huge line of barbecue products and talk to our experts in person.

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