Meat Processing Seasoning Blends and Cures

Would you like to experience the satisfaction of serving delicious sausage, jerky, snack sticks, and all kinds of wood-smoked goodies that you made yourself? For years we've been supplying hunters and home butchers with the seasoning blends and cures they need to excel in their craft. Browse our selection below to pick out your next favorite flavor.

Need help choosing? We have tasted every blend we sell and have recorded some handy tasting notes based on what we found.

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Bologna and Frankfurter Seasoning

Bratwurst Seasoning

Citric Acid


Jerky Seasoning


  • Legg's Old Plantation Seasonings

    Legg’s Buffalo Wings Marinade – Blend 148

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  • Legg's Italian Marinade - Blend 128

Meat Binder

  • Excalibur Sure Gel Meat Binder
    Barbecue Seasonings

    Excalibur Sure Gel Meat Binder

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Meat Loaf Seasoning

  • Legg's Meat Loaf Seasoning

Pepperoni Seasoning

Sausage, Salami, and Frankfurter Seasoning

Snack Stick Seasoning

Summer Sausage Seasoning

Meat Processing Cheat Sheet

Are you interested in making sausage, bologna, ham, jerky, snack sticks, and bacon at home? There is a lot to learn, but a little guidance goes a long way in preparing these delicious meats and snacks with confidence. Here is a handy list of guidelines you will want to refer to often.

Meat Processing Guides and Recipes

Tips and Recipes

Meat Processing Cheat Sheet

Are you interested in making sausage, bologna, ham, jerky, snack sticks, and bacon at home? There is a lot to learn, but a little more

Tips and Recipes

How to Make Fresh Sausage

In this article you will discover the "master ratio" for making sausage from scratch and a few easy steps for making your first batch.Are more

Tasting Notes

Fresh Sausage

Legg’s Blend 10

BEST SELLER! Amazing depth of classic breakfast sausage flavor!

Legg’s Blend 6

Similar to blend 10, but milder; noticeably less pepper.

Legg’s Sweet Italian

A very nice sweet Italian flavor. Very balanced flavor. Contains whole fennel seed.

Legg’s Mild Italian

Lighter, milder flavor than the sweet Italian. Contains whole fennel seed.

Legg’s Hot Italian

Italian flavor with some heat at the end. Balanced heat, not over-the-top or mouth numbing. Contains whole fennel seed and whole red pepper flakes.

Legg’s Polish Kielbasa

Very balanced, very smooth; classic Polish kielbasa flavor.

Legg’s Smoked Andouille

Very popular Cajun blend. The hints of smoke take this one over the top!

Wyld Sweet Applewood Smoked Bratwurst

Pronounced apple flavor with a great sweet and smoky finish.

Wyld Herb and Tomato Bratwurst

Customer favorite! The tomato flavor perfectly complements the herbs.

Wyld Beer Bratwurst

Great beer flavor, with a nice malty and salty finish.

Wyld Habanero and Mango

Nice mango flavor, followed by some serious habanero heat!

Cured Sausage, Snack Sticks, and Jerky

Legg’s Snack Stick

Mild basic flavor, with a subtle note of garlic.

Legg’s Jalapeno Snack Stick

Bringing the heat! Contains dried flakes of Jalapeno.

Snack Stick Recipe Idea

Mix a 3/4 ratio of Snack Stick and 1/4 ratio of Jalapeno Snack Stick for an amazing snack stick flavor, with just the right amount of heat!

Wyld Apple Bleu Cheese Summer Sausage (summer sausage or snack stick)

An intriguing flavor combination! The slight tang of the bleu cheese provides a perfect contrast to the apple flavor. This blend has the apple flavor nailed!

Wyld Jalapeno Bacon Summer Sausage (summer sausage or snack stick)

Customer favorite! Just a little bit of smoky heat, a perfect blend of spices, and a touch of bacon. This one is amazing with high temp cheddar cheese added!

Legg’s Bologna and Frankfurter

A very nice flavor! Adding 2 to 2 ½ cups brown sugar per 25 lbs. meat makes an amazing sweet bologna!

Legg’s Meatloaf

A very flavorful meatloaf blend; one of the best meatloaves we’ve ever had!

Need More Advice?

Processing your own meat is really not hard to do with the right equipment and a solid plan. Our product recommendations are based on a long-standing family tradition of meat processing and years of guiding other hunters through the process.

Visit our meat processing page or browse our retail store for a full line of meat processing products and for help choosing the items that are right for you:

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