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Mad Scientist Pig Wings

All your life, you've believed pigs don't fly, but you'll question everything after your first bite of these rich, juicy pig wings. Once you recover from having your reality exploded, you'll probably want to pass that experience on to your next batch of unenlightened guests.

Jeremy Yoder of Mad Scientist BBQ is here to help you do just that, breaking down the secrets to sourcing and cooking luscious and simple pig wings that will elevate your party while leaving you plenty of time to relax and socialize. 

What's a Pig Wing?

Ideal for snacks, like a chicken wing, but richer and more satisfying, the "pig wing" is carved from a pork shank by a clued-in butcher, which you may or may not have nearby (more on that below). The high connective tissue content in this cut means that when cooked correctly, you'll have a thick, gelatin-rich chunk of meat with a memorably succulent mouth feel. It's like a GIANT wing that lets you rip off real bites of juicy, smoky meat instead of gnawing small bits of meat from around the bone.

Jeremy gets his pig wings pre-cut from Porter Road, but if you have a local butcher you love who doesn't know how to make these, this great tutorial from the Bearded Butchers should give them all the info they need to supply you your own succulent flock of pig wings.

The Bottom Line: 

We think it's fair to say pig wings can lift your culinary prowess to fantastic new heights, and once you unleash your first flock of them, the sky really is the limit. 

Find everything you need to launch your own pig wings saga in our online store or at our barbecue supply store in New Holland, PA (store hours and location at the bottom of this page).

Quick links to the supplies you may want for cooking pig wings:

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