Hanging Tomahawk Ribeye Recipe

In the video above, the southern BBQ legend Malcom Reed unleashes his wealth of BBQ expertise to cook a hanging tomahawk ribeye—turning a 3+ pound steak into a giant hunk of tender, buttery, pecan-smoked goodness. Watch this video to see his simple method for hanging and smoking the tomahawk steak!

For this cook, Malcom uses his drum smoker, a drill, and some butcher twine to cook this giant steak. This allowed the steak to hang in the smoker for more than an hour, finishing with a beautiful bark that's free from any grate marks that would ruin it's even texture.

If you've never hung a steak, this hanging tomahawk steak recipe is the perfect trick to add to your bag. You can use any smoker that has enough vertical distance to hang the steak, such as a drum smoker or cabinet smoker. 

All you need is a smoker, a rub, the meat, and some butter and you'll be ready to cook a hanging tomahawk ribeye like the best of em.

Bottom line: It doesn't take a rocket scientist to cook a delectable steak. It just takes making some solid choices for your smoker, steak, and seasoning, then following the instructions of a tried and true pitmaster like Malcom Reed.

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