Top 10 Essential Supplies for BBQ

There are hundreds of barbecue gadgets on the market and you may be overwhelmed with deciding which gear to invest in with a limited budget. Watch the video below for a list of 10 essential BBQ supplies you need to make outdoor cooking fun, easy, and affordable.

In the video above, the world-famous BBQ legend Jeremy Yoder tackles the question—what are the top 10 essential supplies for BBQ?

He acknowledges that there are many tools he uses that he doesn't consider essential, and that he's chosen to only include the most essential supplies that everyone should add to their BBQ toolbox. 

If you've been subscribed to our emails, you'll understand why we appreciate this list. So much of what he recommends is dead on, plus he adds some handy tips and pointers along the way.

None of these tools are likely to break the bank, so follow along to get a rundown of the top 10 essential supplies for BBQ.

Credits: The screenshots in this post were taken from the video above by Mad Scientist BBQ. We've outlined the video in writing for easy reference and to help make choosing the top 10 essential supplies for BBQ easy and convenient.

Where to Get the Top 10 Essential Supplies for BBQ

All of the tools he recommends (or similar options) are available from our specialty barbecue supply store. To get your own essential supplies, you can visit our website using the links below.

Top 10 Essential Supplies for BBQ

Knowing what to get and what not to get is essential for setting yourself up for success on the BBQ. Follow the guide below and choose your barbecue essentials wisely.

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BBQ Essential 1: Digital Instant-Read Thermometer

Having a digital instant-read thermometer will take your barbecue game from so-so, to nailing it every time. No need to guess or wonder what's happening inside your meat.

Instant-Read Thermometer

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

Why not get a cheap thermometer?

Jeremy of Mad Scientist BBQ has tried cheap instant-read thermometers only to have them break. He says he's wasted more money on all the cheap thermometers than he has on a Thermapen.

On top of the outstanding durability, Thermapens are easy to use, faster, and more accurate than the competition.

Get accurate temperatures in one second—get a Thermapen.

Check Out a Thermapen

BBQ Essential 2: Trimming Knife

These knives are usually labeled as boning or filet knifes, but in barbecue they are used for trimming. There are a lot of knife options available, but Jeremy says there's no need to spend a ton of money on getting the fanciest knife with the prettiest Damascus steel blade. These knives are too likely to fall and get broken or abused. Get something that's quality but won't break the bank.

Get a Trimming Knife

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

BBQ Essential 3: Slicing Knife

Just like the trimming knife, you're going to use and abuse this thing. Get quality, but don't spend hundreds of dollars on something that you might drop and break on your next cook. 

Jeremy likes to use a knife with a serrated edge like a bread knife for slicing.

Get a Slicing Knife

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

BBQ Essential 4: Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are essential when you're cooking and handling meat, touching the grates, or making a mess out of your hands and gloves. Going inside to wash your hands and dirtying up the sink every time you switch tasks is a pain. With nitrile gloves you have a tough, inexpensive protective layer that you can remove in an instant when it's time for clean hands again.

Get Nitrile Gloves

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

BBQ Essential 5: Cotton Glove Liners

Put these liners on under nitrile gloves for a comfortable insulated layer between you and the hot meat or grates that you're handling. When things get dirty, toss the nitrile glove and reuse the liner.

Get Cotton Glove Liners

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

BBQ Essential 6: Spray Bottle

A simple spray bottle is all you need build a better bark on your pork butts and brisket. If the meat is crisping up on the edge or burning, spritz it with water, apple juice, or apple cider vinegar and it will stay beautiful and moist.

You can buy a spray bottle about anywhere, but it's essential to get a higher quality option as you will have problems with cheaper ones breaking.

Buy a Spray Bottle

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

BBQ Essential 7: Foil Pans

You can use either full-sized pans or half-sized pans depending on your smoker size. These can be used as water pans, to hold your trimmings, to catch grease, and for many other uses.

Pick up foil pans in our store at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA.

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

BBQ Essential 8: Disposable Cutting Boards

These are fantastic when you are working outside. If you are trimming meat, seasoning food, and doing any sort of prep, it's way easier to just toss the cutting board rather than having to worry about cleaning one. If you are in a situation where presentation doesn't matter too much, these are absolutely the way to go.

Another potential issue if you aren't using a disposable cutting board is disinfecting after cutting up raw meat. With a disposable cutting board you never have to worry about contaminates staying on your cutting board and causing problems later.

Get Disposable Cutting Boards

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

BBQ Essential 9: Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Don't settle for the regular thickness foil. It's bound to tear when you are using it, leaking grease everywhere. There are so many applications for heavy duty aluminum foil. You can use it to wrap things like pork butts, ribs, brisket, cover meat, cover sides, and so much more.

Buy Heavy Aluminum Foil

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

BBQ Essential 10: Butcher Paper

Pink butcher paper is essential for wrapping brisket, beef ribs, or even pork ribs. Just like with foil, you can get butcher paper in various sized rolls depending on how much you cook.

Get Butcher Paper

Pro Tip

Jeremy saves his used, grease-soaked butcher paper for fire starter. Light a wad of this with your wood around it and in no time you'll have a roaring fire.

Top 10 Essential Supplies For BBQ

Don't have the supplies you need?

You can find most of these top 10 essential supplies for BBQ here in our online store or visit our store in person for a full line of barbecue equipment and supplies.

Can't find what you need online? Visit our specialty barbecue store at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, Pennsylvania to explore some of the best products available for anyone wanting to make delicious food outdoors. Our store hours are listed at the bottom of this page.

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