Prepping a Brisket With Aaron Franklin

Prepping a Brisket With Aaron Franklin

​In this video, Aaron Franklin, ​​a Texas barbecue legend, will show you how to ​choose a good brisket and then trim and season ​it for the smoker.

I enjoyed this video and ​am sharing ​a few of the highlights ​for you here:​

​How to Choose a Good Brisket

  • ​Brisket is a tough, potentially unsavory cut of meat. Look for ​a brisket with ​a lot of marbling in the point,​ and a thick flat​.

​How to Trim a Brisket

  • ​Use a narrow, curved boning knife for trimming the brisket. ​(We carry these in our store.)
  • ​If you trim too much fat off, the brisket will be ​dry. If you don't trim enough, it will be too fatty. ​A 1/4" fat cap is usually about right, but it depends on your smoker and how hot you cook it.
  • ​A brisket is ​a lot easier and safer to trim when it's cold.
  • ​Trim down the fat cap, remove the deckle and the small membrane next to the deckle. Square up the thinnest part of the flat to shape it nicely. ​Cut off some of the thick vein of fat between the point and the flat muscles.
  • ​Remove the silver skin if you are only doing one or two briskets; ​don't spend too much time with this.

How to Season a Brisket

  • ​A lot of people ​use complex rubs for brisket, but Aaron uses equal parts of kosher salt and black ground pepper. ​The grains of salt sink to the bottom, so you might need to keep mixing it as you're dispensing it.
  • "If you had a shaker, it'd be pretty neat." —Aaron Franklin
  • ​Sprinkle an even layer over the entire surface of the brisket on both sides. Aaron says you don't want to overpower the flavor of the meat; be conservative with the rub.
  • ​​Let it warm up for about an hour before you put it on the smoker. Aaron thinks it helps the brisket cook more evenly.

​"​The biggest mistake people make is putting too much rub on this stuff... you ​want the flavor of the meat to shine through." —Aaron Franklin

Hungry for more of Aaron Franklin? ​Check out this 20+ minute video of him cooking brisket on an offset smoker:

Now go cook a great brisket!

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