How To Grill Tri Tip

Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg

Are you looking for a delicious grilled tri tip recipe that will impress your guests and keep them coming back for more? Are you ready to take your backyard barbecue to a new level?

In the video above, Malcom Reed of Killer Hogs shares how to grill tri tip on a Big Green Egg charcoal grill.

Tri tip roasts are a delicious cut of meat from the lower triangle portion of a sirloin. They are a lot like steak, but with a longer cook time because of their size.

In this video Malcom starts with smoky indirect heat and finishes it with a good hot sear. After the tri tip is cooked, he slices it for serving and adds chimichuri sauce to the top for a juicy and delicious appetizer or entrée.

We’ve outlined the steps in the video along with screenshots to help you cook an award-winning tri tip on your first try.

For this cook Malcom Reed uses a Big Green Egg, ChefAlarm, and Killer Hogs Steak Rub. All of these supplies are available in our store.


For Chimichuri Sauce:

  • 1 cup Italian flat leaf parsley, finely chopped
  • 1 cup cilantro, finely chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon lemon zest (1/2 lemon)
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice (whole lemon)
  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar

Chimichuri Sauce Instructions

  • Pour one cup of finely chopped parsley leaves and one cup of finally chopped cilantro leaves into a medium sized mixing bowl.
  • Add minced garlic to bowl.
  • Add lemon zest, lemon juice, and red wine vinegar.
  • Stir ingredients together and slowly drizzle in olive oil.
  • Season with kosher salt and cracked black pepper to taste.

Step by Step Instructions for Grilling Tri Tip

Step 1: Coat the meat with olive oil.

After drizzling, spread the oil out evenly with your hand so that it works as a binder for the seasoning.

Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg

Step 2: Season both sides with Killer Hogs Steak Rub.

Killer Hogs Steak Rub is a coarse rub that will add a nice crusty coating to the meat. Let rest for about an hour so the rub has more time to bond with the meat.

Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg

Step 3: Prepare the Big Green Egg for indirect grilling.

Set up the Big Green Egg for indirect cooking and fire it to 250°F. If you don't have a Big Green Egg, set up whatever grill you have for dual zone grilling.

Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg

Step 4: Place the tri tip on the center of the grate and set your Thermoworks ChefAlarm to 115°F.

Cook the tri tip with indirect heat for approximately 25-30 min until the internal temperature reaches 115°F. A ChefAlarm makes this easy. Just insert the probe, set the alarm to 115°, and wait till the alarm tells you it has reached your desired temperature. 

Use a chunk of pecan wood for light smoke.

Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg

Step 5: Remove the meat and prepare your grill for direct heat.

Set up the Big Green Egg for direct heat by removing the tri tip and taking the heat deflector out. Adjust the vents to get the temperature up to 500°F. This will take a few minutes.

Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg

"When you're cooking hot on a ceramic grill, always crack the lid fist and let some of the heat off because it can flash on you!" —Malcom Reed

Step 6: Sear the meat

Sear the tri tip for about 4 minutes on each side until the internal temperature reaches 130°–135°F.

Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg

Step 7: Slice the tri tip.

Remove the tri tip from the grill and let it rest for 10 minutes. Slice it thinly against the grain as shown below.

Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg
Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg

Step 8: Add the chimichuri sauce and serve.

Spread a layer of sauce along the slices and let your guests take the pieces they want along with a little pile of sauce.

Grilled Tri Tip on the Big Green Egg

"Cooking a tri tip is easy. The hardest part is sourcing it. When you find a tri tip, your work is done." —Malcom Reed

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About the author: Henry Hertzler is a writer and social media manager at Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply.

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