How to Grill Steak Using the JKF Method

In the video above, Texas BBQ guru Jess Pryles will show you how to grill steak using the JKF method.

Jess Pryles' signature JKF (just keep flipping) method has made waves among steak masters and allows you to grill steaks of different thickness and cuts to perfection all on the same heat source. 

She even makes the claim that using a method like reverse-sear is like riding a bike with training wheels! If you're on this "bike with training wheels" it's probably time to learn how to grill steak using the incredible JKF method. 

Get a steak (any steak), an instant read thermometer (essential), and fire up your grill. If you decide you prefer another method after trying this, then at least you've made an educated decision.

When you've tried this, stop by our store and let us know what you think or send us a message.

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