Customer Story: Dwayne Zimmerman’s Green Mountain Pellet Grill

​​Dwayne ​Zimmerman of Ephrata, PA was the lucky winner of our ​famous Green Mountain pellet grill giveaway​ last month. Dwayne sent us the following story with photos of his first two cooks on his brand new GMG Daniel Boone pellet grill​, so we're sharing them here for everyone to enjoy!

I want to take a moment to express my appreciation to all of you for the Green Mountain Pellet Grill that you gave to me, and also for your customer service and advice. I have been in your store multiple times in the past years and you have never disappointed me in any way.

My father bought his Big Green Egg ​at your store quite some time ago, and I learned to grill on the egg while growing up. I purchased my own Big Green Egg from you in December 2016, and have used it often in the past two years. I guess I would call myself an avid Egghead.

​Because of all the hype about pellet smokers in the past few years, I certainly knew they existed but didn't know much about them. That all changed ​when Jesse ​told me I had won the Green Mountain Grill from the online drawing. I could hardly contain my excitement​! I rushed off to Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply to start my ​wood pellet grill smoking adventures.

​​Here are a few pictures of the first ​two uses of the Daniel Boone. First, ​I smoked a batch of chicken wings and then a 3-pound tomahawk steak.

I ​seasoned the wings with a batch of my homemade wing dry rub. The exact recipe varies each time I mix it, but I like to use salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and chili powder.

The controls are very easy on my new​ Green Mountain Grill, and it requires no babysitting. Just turn it on, set the temperature, and walk away!

I fired the grill at 225 degrees F and put the wings on the grill until they reached 165 degrees internal temperature. About three-fourths of the way through, I brushed them with hot sauce, and then ​turned the grill up for the last 10 ​minutes to crisp the skin​.

​The wings were amazing!

My second smoke on my Green Mountain ​pellet grill was a 3​-pound Prime Grade Tomahawk Ribeye. 

First I season the steak with salt, pepper, and garlic, and let it get to room temperature before setting it on the Daniel Boone at 225 degrees.

I let the steak smoke until the internal temperature is 120 degrees then take it off and raise the grill heat to 500 degrees and sear both sides. It was a perfect medium rare and was full of flavor.

I am so excited to try brisket, ribs, pork shoulder, and all kinds of food on the pellet grill. ​Thanks again for the great gift! It will be well used. The Green Mountain will fit right in with my family of grills from Meadow Creek ​Barbecue Supply!

​Would you like to​ ​add ​the convenience of a pellet smoker to your deck or patio?

We carry pellet grills from Green Mountain and Yoder Smokers ​in our retail barbecue store at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA. ​You can also contact us or ​visit us during business hours to discuss which type of smoker would be best for you.

​About the Author: Lavern Gingerich is the marketing director and a content producer at Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply. 

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