What Happened at the 2018 Eggfest

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The Eggfest is always a highlight of the year at Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply​, and ​the 2018 ​Eggfest was the biggest and best one we've hosted yet! ​Hundreds of people ​showed up to enjoy the free barbecue samples, workshops, and fellowship​.

In ​case you weren't able to attend, ​here are some photos of what you missed.

​We are grateful to everyone who supported the Eggfest. Wow, what a crowd!

20 different Eggheads cooked lots of delicious foods on Big Green Eggs ​for our guests. There was steaks, ribs, chicken thighs, wings, shrimp, and smoked cheese, to name a few.

A variety of workshops taught by some of the folks cooking, covered Big Green Egg basics, recipes, and techniques.

​Dutch oven stew workshop

​Pizza cooking workshop

​Big Green Egg 101

​There were nearly 20 Big Green Eggs on fire at the Eggfest.

​It was a busy day on Main Street in New Holland.

​The store was busy as a hive of bees!

​We served free drinks, soft-serve ice cream, and donuts too.

It would be safe to say that if you left hungry, it was your own fault!  🙂

​Cuban stuffed pickles

Serving free samples

​If you regret missing the Eggfest this year, start making plans to attend next year! ​Make sure you're signed up for our email updates or watch for the announcement on our Events page in 2019.

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​About the Author: Lavern Gingerich is the marketing director and a content producer at Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply. 

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