What Happened at the 2019 Eggfest

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An Eggfest is the perfect place to introduce yourself to a wide variety of amazing foods cooked outdoors.

An Eggfest is also a wonderful place to get new recipe ideas and pick up tips and tricks for improving your skills, even if you don't cook on a Big Green Egg.

On Saturday, July 13, hundreds of guests enjoyed watching 20+ Big Green Egg grills in action, interacting with fellow barbecue enthusiasts, and eating samples in our parking lot here in New Holland, PA.

The cooks served many of the common barbecue meats, such as ribs, brisket, and sausage, but it didn’t end with that! Apple pie filling stuffed pork tenderloin, pigs in a comforter, and Mississippi mud pie dessert were a few of the delicacies chefs set out for our guests.

If you missed the event, thankfully we captured some of the moments in photos for you to enjoy…

The workshop schedule and some of the instructors...

A nice-sized crowd and plenty of sun...

Some close-ups of the food...

Bill, the pizza guy, held a quiz for the children 12 and under, and the winner had the privilege of building and cooking a pizza.

Soft serve ice cream helped us stay cool in the hot sun...

Are you feeling regret for what you missed?

We host a couple of events like this every year—our open house in the spring and our Eggfest in the summer. We also do smaller events, such as Sample Saturdays where guests can taste samples and learn how to cook specific meats on the smoker or grill.

Learn about upcoming events on our events page or join our email club for announcements by email.

Did you know we are a specialty BBQ store in New Holland, PA? We carry a wide variety of smokers, grills, accessories, and supplies to help you cook for your guests with confidence. Call us at (717) 355-0779 or visit us at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA.

​About the author: Lavern Gingerich is a writer and the digital marketing manager for Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply​.

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