Food and Fun at the 2019 Open House

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Our annual open house was a huge success! We wish to thank all of you who spent the day with us and the teams who cheerfully smoked and grilled samples for our guests.

Besides just enjoying great food, many of our guests also enjoyed interacting with the chefs and other attendees. Live events like this are invaluable for making connections with other barbecue enthusiasts, and we are honored to help make this happen.

If you didn't attend, the photos in this post will help you relive this tasty event for barbecue enthusiasts.

I'm hungry already... but keep scrolling, we're just getting warmed up!

Smoked gouda and cooper sharp. This is good living!

Tom from Smoke 'n Dudes cooked two whole hogs in two Meadow Creek Pig Roasters and six beef tenderloins in a Meadow Creek TS250 Tank Smoker. This meat plus six additional pork butts was all gone by 1:00!

Beef tenderloins smoking in a Meadow Creek TS250 Tank Smoker.

Melvin, Ivan, and some of the other guys from Meadow Creek Welding worked another booth with several pieces of Meadow Creek equipment. They grilled chicken wings in the BBQ26S Chicken Cooker, St. Louis ribs in the BX50 Box Smoker, and Tomahawk Steaks in the BBQ42 Chicken Cooker with a flat grate.

St. Louis pork ribs on the BX50 Smoker.

Tomahawk steaks grilled on the Meadow Creek BBQ42 Chicken Cooker with a flat grate and finished with indirect heat in a Meadow Creek PR42 Pig Roaster.

We had a few Big Green Eggs cooking pizzas, chicken, bacon-wrapped carrots, ham steaks, shrimp, and other tasty treats!

One team cooked ribs, brisket, and sausage on a Yoder pellet smoker.

Delicious pizzas being cooked on the Uuni pizza ovens

Sausage on the Green Mountain pellet grill

Brandon from Breeo demonstrated the Ablaze fire pit.

Bayou Classic Fryer cooking chicken wings, mushrooms, and shrimp

Donuts, coffee, cold drinks, and soft-serve ice cream were on the menu too!

Socializing with other barbecue enthusiasts

Learning how equipment works

Barbecue sauce samples

Barbecue rub samples

Door prizes

Selling smokers

Hundreds of guests enjoying the beautiful day

Are you feeling left out yet? It was a wonderful day and as you can see, we gave away a LOT of meats, pizza, and desserts. Make sure you sign up for updates at the bottom of this page and stay in the loop for future events, such as our Eggfest in July and next year's open house.

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Come see us at 140 W Main Street in New Holland, PA to discover everything we carry. If you have any questions, call us at 717-355-0779. We're always happy to help!

If you regret missing the open house this year, start making plans to attend next year! Make sure you're signed up for our email updates or watch for the announcement on our Events page in 2019.

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About the Author: Lavern Gingerich is the marketing director and a content producer at Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply. He's also the founder of StoryQue magazine, a digital publication for barbecue enthusiasts.

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