Malcom Reed Whole Smoked Ribeye Recipe

Whole Smoked Ribeye Recipe With Malcom Reed

Watch this video recipe to discover how remarkably easy it can be to make a juicy, whole smoked ribeye for an entreé that everyone will crave.

In this short video, pitmaster Malcom Reed of HowToBBQRight will show you his surprisingly simple method for cooking a whole smoked ribeye on a stick burner. With a total cook time of under three hours, this recipe can easily be smoked in an afternoon while you hang out with your family and friends at the pool deck or on the patio.

This is a classic TX barbecue recipe that uses a few simple ingredients and a good offset fire. The simpler the recipe, the harder it is to mess up. So if you're a beginner and want to smoke a main dish you can be confident in, this is a great place to start. All you need beyond the meat is a few basic tools and ingredients that can be found right here in our store.

Fire up your smoker and prepare yourself for the compliments.

Quick links to the ingredients and tools you will need:

"I'm a thick guy, so I like a thick cut" -Malcom Reed

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