Meat Church Smoked Brisket Tallow vs No Tallow

Meat Church Smoked Brisket Video: Tallow vs No Tallow

What happens when three Texas BBQ legends decide to address the debate of smoking brisket with tallow vs no tallow head on? Watch this video to find out.

In this video, Texas BBQ Legend Matt Pittman of Meat Church smokes briskets along side Jonny White, owner of the famous Goldee's BBQ, comparing their methods for smoking brisket with or without tallow. When they're done, they bring in a secret BBQ pitmaster for a blind taste test to see which is better.

While you may have only recently heard of the tallow method, it's more than just a social media craze. People like Jonny have been using this secret ingredient for a really long time. Watch this video and take your own side of the tallow vs no tallow debate.

Bottom line: Since everyone has slightly different preferences, the results might not be as clear as you think they would be. That's why Texas doesn't agree on which method is better.

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For a good brisket recipe, refer to Matt's Texas Style Brisket Recipe.

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