Smoked Firebox Cheeseburger

In the video above, Texas BBQ celebrity Matt Pitman of Meat Church creates an unusual yet irresistible smoked firebox cheeseburger.

When you feel like the summer is getting long, pull out this recipe and cook up these burgers... the hit of smoke on these classic cheeseburgers is enough to brighten almost any day.

There are plenty of ways to make burgers—smashburgers, griddle-seared burgers, or burgers over an open flame, but Matt's method for combining a hot sear and smoked flavor to these smoked firebox cheeseburgers take them to a level above most burger options.

Matt experimented until he found the sweet spot for the perfect sear and smoke. Now you can take his method and put it to use on your own cooker to impress your family and friends with a burger to remember.

Fire up your smoker and get started!

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