Mount Mansfield Flavor Infused Maple Syrups


Mount Mansfield specialty syrups are created by taking the finest organic Vermont maple syrup and infusing it with flavor.

The barrel aged syrups are stored for 2-3 months in oak whiskey barrels from a small artisan distillery just outside of Chicago. The barrels carry the lingering flavors of the spirits that were aged in them and infuse those flavors into the syrup, for an irresistible taste and smell.

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Mount Mansfield Maple Products is a family-owned maple family farm and production facility, collecting sap from trees that have been lovingly maintained by our owner’s family for generations. The White family started tapping trees more than a century ago on the family dairy farm in Cambridge , Vermont. By the 1960’s the dairy farm was no more, but the family kept on sugaring, mostly as a sideline. In the 1980’s and 1990’s they began to ramp up production and sell more syrup to friends, family, and local businesses .

In 2009, Chris White began selling his share of the maple crop online, under the name Mount Mansfield Maple Products. Working out of his parents’ garage, then the basement of his own home, Chris’ new venture quickly grew, and in 2011 he moved production into a 2000 square foot commercial space in Winooski, Vermont. He began making maple candy, maple cream, and experimenting with different flavored syrups, focusing on making the highest quality, best tasting maple products he possibly could. He dedication inspired a rapidly growing base of loyal customers, and soon his one man operation had to hire additional staff and required more and more space.

Today Mount Mansfield Maple Products uses almost all of the White family maple crop, collected from over 32,000 trees. Their production facility occupies 13,000 square feet, and employs more than a dozen full-time employees. All Mount Mansfield products are still produced in small batches,  closely monitored for purity and flavor in every box and bottle.

Mount Mansfield products have won several awards, including a 2018 bronze SOFI and 2019 silver SOFI for our organic maple candy, and a 2020 Gold SOFI for our Organic White Chocolate Maple Bark.


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Mount Mansfield Flavor Infused Maple Syrups – Gin Barrel AgedMount Mansfield Flavor Infused Maple Syrups
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