LEM 2″ x 18″ Mahogany Collagen Middle Casings 10-pack


2″ diameter collagen middles casings. Great for pepperoni or smaller diameter summer sausage.

Non-edible, mahogany casings.

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LEM’s Collagen Middles are the perfect alternative to fibrous casings. These are mahogany, unprinted casings made from beef protein, non-edible with a string tied at one end. An advantage of collagen middles casings is that they shrink with the meat, eliminating the loose, wrinkled casing you can get with fibrous casings. Soak for three to five minutes in salt water before stuffing.

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LEM 2″ x 18″ Mahogany Collagen Middle Casings 10-pack

Availability: In stock

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