Stainless Steel Grinder Plates


Our grinder plates are made to stringent standards for hardness and quality.

Stainless steel grinder plate are not only stronger and longer-lasting than carbon steel, they are also highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

All of our grinder plates are hubless, allowing both sides to be used.

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  • Highly resistant to rust
  • Hubless – can be used on either side
  • Made to stringent standards for hardness and quality
  • Change grinder knife & plate at the same time for optimum performance

Available Grinder Sizes:

  • #10/12 = 2 3/4″ Dia
  • #22 = 3 1/4″ Dia.
  • #32 = 3 7/8″ Dia.

Hole Sizes:

  • 1/8″: Our finest grind, these 1/8″ plates are perfect for hamburger, bologna, hot dogs and jerky
  • 3/16″: A fine grind, these 3/16″ Plates are great for the second grind, coarse hamburger and regular sausage like breakfast, polish or german.
  • 1/4″: A medium grind, this 1/4″ plate is great for coarse sausages such as summer, salami, pepperoni and snack sticks.
  • 3/8″: A coarse grind, this 3/8″ plate is ideal for the first grind, chili, chorizo and linguisa.
  • 1/2″: Our second coarsest grind, this 1/2″ plate is perfect for the first grind, coarse chili and stew meats.
  • 3/4″: Our coarsest grind, great for the first grind or stew meats.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Grinder Plate Size

#10/#12, #22, #32

Hole Size

1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"


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Stainless Steel Grinder Plates
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