Product Highlight: Swing-Away Grate Stacker

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One of the disadvantages of many ceramic cookers is how quickly they fill up ​when you’re cooking for a small crowd. Of course, you can add additional grills for more space​ or you could ​upgrade to​ a massive XXL Big Green Egg. ​This product highlight reveals a third and inexpensive way to add more cooking area to your ceramic grill.

Product Highlight: Bayou Classic Fryer

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A deep fryer adds many possibilities for backyard entertaining and catering events. Fries and wings are popular as well as seafood, hushpuppies, and chicken tenders. You can also have a lot of fun with blooming onions, alligator fritters, and pig wings with a fryer like this. Read this blog post to learn what sets the Bayou Classic Fryer apart.

Product Highlight: Royal Oak Chef’s Select Charcoal

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There’s a lot of mystery around charcoal briquettes, and unfortunately, reading ​online comments about it can leave you more confused than before. ​

Do the leading manufacturers really add weird ingredients to our charcoal such as limestone and ​glue? ​Does not “burning off” the briquettes give our meat a chemical flavor?

Check out our tips for choosing charcoal briquettes that make smoking meat easier and more fun.

Product Highlight: BBQ Dragon

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There are a lot of different ways to light charcoal, including lighter fluid and a match, a charcoal chimney with newspaper, blowers, and a propane torch. Some of these methods work better than others depending on the grill or smoker you’re using.

The BBQ Dragon is simply a cordless (battery powered) fan with a flexible neck and spring-loaded clamp for clipping it on onto a grill or table. It’s blows air onto your fire. ​Period.

​​It sounds like ​a gimmick, but​ today I’m going to cut through the fluff and explain exactly when and why you should consider using the BBQ Dragon.

Product Highlight: Maverick PT-75 Instant-Read Thermometer

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Today we’re kicking off ​a ​weekly product highlight ​here on the blog. ​Th​ere are ​hundreds of​excellent barbecue products and accessories​ on the market today, so we thought we’d use this space to ​talk about our favorite ​ones and explain why ​they are a worthwhile investment​. ​This week we​’re talking about the Maverick PT-75 Instant-Read Thermometer​, Maverick’s newest instant-read probe thermometer released in 2017. ​