Used Meadow Creek Equipment For Sale

Are you interested in purchasing a Meadow Creek smoker or grill after someone else broke it in? We have a few models ​for sale ​from our rental line, ​which are still in great shape for ​as much as ​3​5% ​less than retail prices! Call us at (717) 355-0779 during business hours or come see us at 140 W Main St, New Holland, PA 17557. We’ll be glad to answer any questions and show you around.

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MCBS Meadow Creek 2019 Eggfest Crowd

What Happened at the 2019 Eggfest

On Saturday, July 13, hundreds of guests enjoyed watching 20+ Big Green Egg grills in action, interacting with fellow barbecue enthusiasts, and eating samples in our parking lot here in New Holland, PA.

The cooks served many of the common barbecue meats, such as ribs, brisket, and sausage, but it didn’t end with that! Apple pie filling stuffed pork tenderloin, pigs in a comforter, and Mississippi mud pie dessert were a few of the delicacies chefs set out for our guests.

If you missed the event, check out the moments we captured for you in photos…

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Breaking in the Meadow Creek BX25 Box Smoker

​The Meadow Creek BX25 Box Smoker is​ efficient, maintains temperature like nobody’s business, and has a compact footprint. It’s ​​the perfect size for personal and backyard use, and ​I’m in love with it ​from the first cook. Check out these tantalizing photos of baby back ribs, sausage links, pork tenderloins, and baked beans on the BX25!

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2018 Open House Story

​We wish to thank everyone who ​attended open house earlier this month and to everyone who helped cook the delicious food we gave away. ​Our guests enjoyed an amazing variety of barbecue, including pulled pork, prime rib, pork ribs, ​party wings, chicken, steak, burgers, sausage—well, I’ll stop at that. Explore our collection of photos to relive this wonderful event for barbecue enthusiasts.

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Barbecue Lunches Coming Up!

Starting Wednesday, March 21, we will be serving take-out barbecue lunches at our retail store here on ​Main ​Street in New Holland, PA ​​a couple of ​days a month throughout the spring and summer. Every lunch will feature either pulled pork, sliced brisket, grilled chicken, or half a rack of pork ribs.

Read this blog post for instructions on reserving your meal or getting meal notifications.

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