Smoked Caveman-Style Chicken Wings

Here is Chef Dylan’s method for cooking flavorful and crispy smoked wings on a charcoal grill without the deep-fryer. He’s also included his favorite blue cheese dip recipe that’s so easy to make, you’ll never buy blue cheese dip from the store again.

The Simple Secret to Tender, Mouth-Watering Grilled Chicken Every Time—From the Skin to the Bone!

How many times have you tried to grill chicken quarters on that trusty old grill, only to dry out the surface every ​time? You know… crispy skin, fully cooked but not dried out, and tender all the way through?

​You are not alone. It’s a common dilemma. But the good news is that it’s not your fault. And the ​best news is that I can show you how to grill perfect chicken, and it’s ​”easy as pie” if you do it right.

7 Barbecue Recipes to “Spoil” the Moms in Your Life

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, and the least we can do is give ​mom a break and spoil her a little bit. Whether it’s your mother or your wife that you’ll be cooking for, here is a collection of amazing recipes that will help you show you​r appreciation.

Matt’s Grilled Steak Recipe for Beginners

​If you’re a beef steak purist, you’ll probably ​want to skip this recipe.

But if you’re interested in experimenting with the bee​f flavor profile, ​this ​recipe will effortlessly ​transform you into the ​hero of the party. ​

​True, it’s not a classic slab of pure beef, but the process in this recipe reduces your chance of failure to almost nothing, practically eliminating the risk of embarrassment in front of your guests the next time you decide to tackle a steak dinner for family and friends.

Pecan Smoked Bratwurst

We recommended this recipe to a friend of ours the day before a KCBS BBQ competition. He wanted to tackle the sausage category and asked us for help. Having never heard of this recipe before, he went with it and took third place! The Sugar Maple Seasoning is a perfect compliment to the bratwurst flavor complex, and the lingering notes of pecan smoke will leave you stunned!

How to Smoke Cheese

Need an idea for a snack platter for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party? Try smoked cheese!

Breathe some life into the typical party tray of cheese, crackers, and perhaps some summer sausage by adding some smoked cheddar or Swiss cheese! Smoked cheese also ratchets up the WOW power of other recipes, like mac ‘n’ cheese, home-made party dips, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc.